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A brief word from the 2023-2024 president of IISE Concordia

Hi everyone, I am Liam, and I will be the incoming president at IISE for the 2023-2024 academic year. After working for two years in the association, I have gained enough knowledge to take this challenge and add my little touch to the IISE. So what are the actual changes that I will bring to the association, you might ask? The big project I want to implement for the next year will be truly innovative and valuable to the association. After creating the Podcast in 2021, I have been looking for ways to expand the association's influence on other social media. From there, I decided to create a Youtube channel dedicated to tutoring covering industrial engineering classes. Our association will start by covering all the practical problems of INDU 211, the first class that industrial engineering students must take when arriving at Concordia. After covering INDU 211, we will cover INDU 323 and so on... This project will allow students to benefit from high-quality content to help them perform better in their courses. It will also enable IISE to be known better by industrial engineering students.


As bold as this project may seem, I am happy to be surrounded by an incredible team that will do anything to make it work. Innovation is change that unlocks new value and will make IISE's 2023-2024 edition a whole new chapter in the association's history. I hope to see you soon, and thank you for writing history with us!

By Liam Cassy - President 2023-2024

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