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Industry Week 2021

With industry week just around the corner, knowing what it's all about is very important for new students or anyone who has never heard of it before. Sometimes, events and competitions can overlap with our  busy schedules, hence the importance of knowing what we are getting into before assigning time and energy.  

Last year's Industry week was definitely a great opportunity for learning and networking despite the social distancing limitations and hybrid events. This year it will be even better, especially considering every event will be held in person. 

Here is a short overview of some of my favorite events held, separated by categories  and their format: 


Simulation, theoretical, technical, and case competitions: I volunteered in most competitions and participated in the case competition last year, which was hosted by LIDD, a consulting firm. From experience I can say that participating at any competition is a great opportunity for learning, making new connections with professionals and winning prizes. More information about the competitions can be found in the next article!


Academical panels/workshops: among the panels and workshops held, my personal favorite was the Continuous Improvement panel last year. Here, professionals with different backgrounds gathered to talk about their experience in the field. 


Lunch and Learn: Desjardins held a very interesting Lunch and Learn event for educating students about their finances and advising them how to buy their first property. 


Finally, I encourage everyone who is interested in learning more about the different sectors in industrial engineering and make useful professional contacts to sign up for any of our Industry Week events!

By Ana Guadron - Vp Webmaster 2022-2023

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