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My summer at Traffic Tech 

I started my internship search towards the start of last winter semester. I am not a co-op student but it did not hinder my search for a summer internship. I ended up getting a position as a logistics apprentice at a third-party logistics company called Traffic Tech.


After 3 weeks of training at Traffic Tech, I was assigned to help teamJD for the summer. I was told they are a very busy team so I was up for the challenge! I knew this would be the perfect place for me to grow and to help me gain a lot of knowledge about the transportation industry. Every day at work there was always something new to learn. I started by learning how to track and trace trucks all around Canada and the United States. Once I became more proficient at this task, I then learned how to book trucks while creating relationships with suppliers and negotiating rates. In addition, I learnt how different modes of transport work such as flatbeds, LTL, roll tights, reefers and how the freight is loaded and unloaded. Through the leadership of my incredible team leader Tania Loggia, my sales rep Jeff Meier and my coworkers, Alicia, Hanna, Tanya and Kathleen, I was coached to become the better worker I am today and I am very grateful for this.


All in all, I had a wonderful experience working with teamJD for the summer at Traffic Tech and it will definitely be a moment to always remember. 

By George-Nicholas Kromidakis - Vp External 2022-2023

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