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Different Sectors of Industrial Engineering



My first internship was at a small family owned company called Dura Undercushions. This company has been operating for over 60 years and fabricates rubber 

underlayment. My internship was on Operations and Logistics.  This company taught me tons of hands on 

 experiences from learning how to take apart a Grinder machine to solving logistical nightmares caused by COVID-19 delays and the Ukraine/Russian war.


For my second internship, I was chosen to take part in working abroad at a company called VOITH in Heidenheim, Germany.  My internship was to assist in the Global Operations for a project called SAP/4HANA FRS and P&S.


My role within the project was to oversee the potential risks that may arise when the implementation of the SAP software launched into production and service sites in their paper, hydro and turbo divisions. These risks were then discussed with the IT department to implement a solution before the estimated launch date of the software. Other ways I was able to contribute in this project was to partake in workshops with different departments, thus allowing me to create a vast network. 


In the end, these internships allowed me to broaden my arisen, and develop necessary skills needed for the rest of my career.

By Julian Spinoso - Vp Academics 2022-2023

City Lights

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