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My introduction to consulting

As a student who has been highly involved in extracurricular activities, I am so grateful that my years of involvement lead to me securing my final internship. As the previous VP Sponsorship of IISE, I had the opportunity to connect with employees from LIDD Consultants, the relationships I built were a huge contributor to my internship offer!


During my internship, I was required to support many ongoing projects. The most meaningful work for me so far was the project I led to completion. The project involved designing a facility layout for a food bank who recently acquired their first warehouse.

This project meant a lot to be because it was the first consulting project, I have ever worked on from start to finish. Another important aspect for me was that I was the only analyst on this project. LIDD gave me responsibility and therefore the opportunity to feel really proud of my work. At the beginning of the project, I felt incredibly under qualified and unsure of myself, but as the project progressed and my work was presented to the clients, I saw from their reactions that my work gave them excitement and encouragement regarding their operations and the work that they do for the less-fortunate. 


I am so grateful to also mention that this internship has lead to a part-time employment opportunity as a consultant during my final year of studies!

By Kaitlyn Hall - Chair 2022-2023

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