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Coding at Bombardier

My first Co-Op internship was at Bombardier Aerospace. From September 2020 to December 2020, I occupied the aircraft performance analyst position. My team and I supported Bombardier's new Global 6500 and 7500 aircraft.  I analyzed flight data to find potential improvements in Bombardier's airplanes. 


Imagine, for a second, that every one of Bombardier's planes has a giant Apple Watch called the Aircraft Health Management System. This system collects a vast amount of helpful information during a flight: altitude, engine temperature, engine blade rotational speed, aircraft speed, aircraft heading, and much more. The raw data is, unfortunately, not in a user-friendly format. It usually came out of the system as a very messy CSV file. These files could sometimes exceed 1,000,000 lines. Naturally, it was impossible to filter that by hand.  


My team already had a few programs that would clean up and reduce the number of data points. However, it still was not easy to use. With the help of my mentor, I developed an 800-line C# program that would perform the following:

  1. Order the data points in increasing start times

  2. Delete duplicating data points by analyzing time overlap

  3. Graph key data such as the flight altitude, flight speed 


My team then used the data generated by my program to see how we can improve Bombardier's air fleet. 

By Timothée Blanchet - Senior Vp 2022-2023

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